Dr Leeton Hocking

Dr. Leeton Hocking-8537

General Practitioner

Leeton was born in Ballarat and educated at Ballarat High School.

He graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1982, and worked at Ballarat Health Services for several years, where he obtained his post graduate diploma from the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

He has worked for many years in general practice and has combined this with surgical assisting at all three major surgical facilities in Ballarat.

In 2020, he received an award from the Rural Workforce of Victoria for 38 years of medical service to rural Victoria, and in 2021, received an award from the Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for 35 years of service to the profession.

His special interests are general medicine, infertility (including endometriosis), major and minor surgery, paediatrics, and anxiety management.

Outside of medicine, his interests revolve around his family (wife Jo and 2 adult sons) and his baby “Bazz” (Jack Russell), his never ending love of and performing music, managing the family acreage and his passion and long term membership for the Melbourne Football Club.

He brings to the practice many years of diverse experience.

Please phone the surgery regarding his taking on of new patient status.

Privately bills ALL Patients:

  • All services and consultations

Fee Schedule

Fees are current from 1st November 2023. (Fees vary according to the complexity of service).

ServicePrivate FeeMedicare Rebate
Standard Consultation$102.20$41.40
Long Consultation$188.00$80.10
Extended Consultation$285.00$118.00
Standard Telehealth $102.00$41.40
Saturday Standard Consultation $102.00$41.40
Saturday Long Consultation$188.00$80.10
Mental Health Plan$180.00$100.20
Mental Health Plan >40 mins$201.65$121.85
Review Mental Health Plan$133.55$78.95
Theatre / Procedure FeeVaried dependant on procedureNo Rebate
Script Fee$20.00No Rebate
  • The first consultation in each financial year will be charged the private consultation fee. This is charged regardless of age or pension status.
  • All patients are billed privately including under 16 years and over 65 years.
  • Pensioners and other valid concession card holders all incur a $35 out of pocket gap for consultation items except on Saturday am when all patients are charged full private fees. 
  • Childhood immunisations, Care Plans, Care Plan Reviews & Health Assessments are bulk billed.
  • Saturday morning consultations are not bulk billed. All patients incur an out-of-pocket fee. 
  • Surgical procedures for all patients incur an out-of-pocket theatre / procedure fee which is varied dependant on the procedure.
  • Iron infusions for all patients will be charged an out-of-pocket expense of $150 plus a consultation fee.
  • Private vaccines, Travel consultation and vaccinations, and dressings incur an out-of-pocket fee for all patients.
  • For any patient experiencing financial hardship – please discuss this with me at the time of your consultation. Bulk Billing may apply only in exceptional circumstances.

Cancellations and non-attendances 

If you cancel without adequate notice, or fail to attend an appointment, a non-attendance fee of $50.00 is charged. 

Failure to attend an initial consultation (New Patients) will result in a non-attendance fee of $160.00.

Other Fees

Prescriptions:  Patients are encouraged to request all their prescriptions during their consultation. 

Telephone requests for repeat prescriptions will incur the following fee:

  • $20 if done without appointment if it is deemed medically appropriate.
  • or require a telehealth appointment if appropriate.

There may be out of pocket costs for patients when referred to other service providers, e.g. specialists. If in doubt, always discuss this with me and/or the service you have been referred to.