Kaisey Hayes


General Practice Pharmacist

Kaisey Hayes is a General Practice Pharmacist who works in collaboration with the Health First General Practitioners.

She graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2004 and has worked in both Community and Hospital Pharmacy settings.  Kaisey has also managed critical incidents as a Field Inspecting Officer for the Pharmacy Board of Victoria.

Medication safety is an area of special interest for Kaisey, with her work focusing on reducing the risk of medication errors in patients with multiple medical conditions and/or complex drug regimens.  She also spends a portion of her week visiting patients in their home conducting Home Medicine Reviews.

Kaisey is enthusiastic about helping you to understand your medications better and finding ways to make your medications safer and more effective.

Outside of work, Kaisey enjoys doing family tree research (genealogy), quilting, scrapbooking, walking, rowing, and general kid-wrangling.